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Twin Loners

packing up and moving to beloit

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fuck that new blog I started. Or… maybe not.

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A Man Like a City

A Man Like a City

A Man Like a City

A fan made trailer for Oldboy. 


Don’t forget to listen to Bjork today!

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Look at these color alternating fans (via Business Insider & @ESPN)

Getting Excited!

Getting Excited!

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Does this mean I get to list Tom Gabel as one of my favorite female artists?

wordius said: Shut Up I Am Dreaming, Random Spirit Lover, or Dragonslayer?

Dragonslayer got me into Sunset Rubdown (the previous two had failed), so there’s a special place for that… Shut Up I Am Dreaming definitely has the best individual songs (“Stadium and Shrines II, Shut Up I Am Dreaming) but Random Spirit Lover is a big indie-rock catastrophe… in the best way possible.

To me, Random Spirit Lover is the crown jewel of all things Krug.

Happy 30th

Happy 30th

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